I was wondering today what a letter from God would look like. What would He say to us, what things would he choose to write and underline. What would the handwriting look like?

And then it hit me ? it would not be a letter at all. There would be no words, no sentences or symbols. None of those really mean anything. No, the letter from God would be something completely different. I looked out of the window as I was thinking about it and noticed that the rain clouds have passed by and the rainbow was forming not so far in the East. It dawned to me then that the very letter I?m thinking about has already been written, and is constantly being re-written and renewed; kept fresh and new.

The letter from God is that first loving gaze you receive from that perfect girl; a warm breeze on the first summer day; a shine in your godson?s eyes when he looks at you and smile; a peaceful walk back from the city when everyone else has fallen asleep and this very rainbow in front of my eyes now.

The letters are made of tiny water drops and small, but warm sunbeams. And no two are the same. The letter from God is not made of symbols. It cannot be misunderstood. It is clear and direct and full of Love. The only thing is ? it takes a truth-loving heart for you to be able to read it.

Can you see what I mean?

Can you look outside your window and see God? Can you look at all the ?good? and ?bad? things that happen every single second? and feel God is good? Can you? I sure hope you can? and if not, then I wish you will someday soon, because world will make much more sense then. Trust me!

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