Why do we always want more? Why are we so good in complaining and being unhappy and demanding “more”? More of what? What is it that we lack so much in our lives that makes us feel cheated and prevents us from feeling we ARE taken care of, at all times? What is it we don’t have that really matters? We have our jobs, but want better ones. We have our health, but don’t appreciate it. We have the ability to see, but we stumble around blind and hurt.

Take a look at your suffering.. is it real? What you are suffering for and how you want it to end?

Everything you have, or whatever you feel you don’t have – it’s all there, things, events, people, laws, difficulties, obstacles.. it’s all there to point you to the right direction. Every experience made by you, for you. NO matter how cruel it seems. No matter how painful it feels.

And I know you will hold this against me – it’s not real. The moment you surrender your pain, your complaints, your own sense of “right” and “wrong”, it will all dissolve. When the mind chatter stops, silence starts and with it, it brings the truth and connects you back to the Flow.

Don’t get me wrong, I know living sometimes hurts. I’m not saying that doesn’t exist. I’m not saying there are no things or events worth suffering. And I understand sometimes we don’t have a choice, at least at the moment. But, there is a bigger picture there. There is a reason, hidden beneath that suffering.

If you can, and when you can, move on. Make the next step, because there is ALWAYS the next step available to you. Maybe it’s not the step you imagined, maybe it’s also painful. But it’s a step, small as it may be. It’s how every journey begins or continues.

The problems in your life are NOT your enemies – they are the notes on a music sheet, pieces of the puzzle, broad strokes on an infinite canvas. They are numbers in an equation of Life, solution of which we are ultimately searching for. Yes, maybe it’s possible to abandon the notion of the quest and jump straight to the Core, but for most of us, getting there is a journey, even if only an imaginary one. And this journey doesn’t exist without those days, months, years that we so desperately want to avoid. And I would argue, if there was a point to it, that these moments, those hard, painful moments of our lives, are a mortar that holds it all together. We grow through each and every one of these experiences, of course. But we also hold on to them for far too long. We tell stories of our sufferings. We remember the feeling, we keep looking at the scares as if it’s important to remember. Well, it’s not… those memories are only an anchor for our mind to hold on to.

Forgetting them completely is not a solution, of course. But we should abandon the scars and the suffering; leave it behind like a baggage we don’t need anymore. And then we move forward lighter, at least a bit. Hurt, cry, suffer.. but keep moving. Accept it all if you can, as a part of Life. Or be angry at God and his cruelty. Fell whatever you need to feel, but keep moving. Keep making those steps, until you feel new again, until you remember you are perfect, as is everything and everyone around you. Then the Flow takes your hand again and makes the next steps for you.

Dear Reader, I love you… it may not mean much, but it’s here and now.



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