I was standing there, just looking at her. She was so focused on putting her make-up on that she didn’t notice me standing right behind her. Well that’s what I thought, anyway. Suddenly, with no warning, she turned around and smiled at me.

I was defenceless.
My mouth opened up a bit as if I wanted to say something, but nothing came out. My thoughts all danced the all-familiar whirlpool dance that echoed how I feel about her, but couldn’t really pinpoint it or describe it or even find the appropriate metaphor for it.
Nothing happened… I couldn?t move, talk or think straight.

For few long seconds I was all hers, and she knew it. Her smile widened and the green of our eyes fused together. She was aware of her power over me and I was aware that she?ll never use it against me, because I had the same power over her and I would never use it against her either.

Then finally, unable to do anything else, I smiled back. Without a word, she came closer and kissed me – one long, tender kiss that just wanted to say ?I love you? in its own way. Instead, it said much, much more and I found myself overwhelmed with warmth and emotions I wanted to express, knowing that no words would ever suffice.

I kissed her back and held her tight, hoping she?ll feel what I was trying to say; knowing that she already knows it all.

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