I’m everywhere… in every child, it’s mother and father; every bird, stone, puddle or cloud. I smile through the sunrays and greet you every time you look up to the sky. I am the warmth of your coat and the refreshing taste of your favourite soup. I am there when your eyes tear up after seeing something kind and beautiful. I am the breath of inspiration and the emotions rising up the moment something important from your to-do list of the day is done. I am the stretch of the muscles on your favourite walk and the breeze of autumn on your cheeks. I am there with every kind thought and every residual wave of kindness after that.

You need not look further than your own eyes to see me or listen beyond your own heartbeats. I am starlight. I am the heart of dusk and the centre of the sunrise that follows. I am the silence that renders your thoughts coherent. I am also the voice; the conscious you that always chooses the right path forward. I am the weaver of all your possible futures; the thread of Now that defines you.

It doesn’t matter if your eyes are open or not. I am the light, present even when you focus on the Absence instead of Abundance. I am the spark in your eyes and the death of joy when your expectations aren’t met. I am your every mistake and all your successes. I am there, in each of the pebbles of your mountain of failed promises. I am in the eyes of people you meet along the way, friends or foes. I am equally the touch of your lover as I am the fist of revenge; the kiss on your lips and the bruise on your pride.

I reside in your physical form as much as in the ethereal you. I am your awareness; the knot in your stomach when you are anxious and the space of expansion you feel when you are happy. I am the act of breathing in, and the absolution of letting go. I am tenderness and I am wrath. I am intuition, guidance and protection, but I’m also there when you get lost and feel alone. You can’t abandon me any more than I can abandon you.

I am everything, everywhere, always. I am same as you but we are nothing alike. We are of the same thread but you have woven yourself in a strange knot we are unravelling now. It is a beautiful process and I’m there to see it happen. And, when it’s done, you will look at me as I see you always, one and the same. There was never anything else there anyway.



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