It is such a human trait, this desire to have, to be, to own, to “get” somewhere. We spend lifetimes either fighting the way things are or simply wishing for more or better. Sometimes, equally bad, we just accept things as they are, but not because we’re finally smart enough to understand it’s the only thing we can do anyway, but because we accept our own defeat and abandon the fight. We do the right thing for the wrong reasons, turning something that could have been the seed of Understanding into a beginning of an usually long and slow way back up to the starting point.

We do not need to accept any kind of defeat. We do not need to fight the Creation, constantly asking for more. We do not need to ask, even.

We only need to understand, really understand, that everything is already given. We are the instruments of manifestation and, if we only manage to step out of the limited, useless bubbles of our minds, we would see it instantly. We exist in the field that gives and constantly creates. All the possibilities, all the wishes already granted, we need but to wake up and reach out.

We keep asking for more. We keep feeling inadequate. We keep needing something to change to just be. We keep looking forward, creating Time and a million impossible futures, in an never-ending quest for goals, targets; ideas of happiness. In this quest we have ups and downs. Sometimes we feel Life is finally giving us something we worked so hard for, and in the next moment, it is all swept away in one clean, broad stroke of destiny.

We work, live, love, breathe, exist on that edge, balancing the best we know how; our minds telling us how far we have gone or how much we are failing. It’s an impossible balancing act; a skywalk through tornadoes. And yet, we keep trying to walk it.

There is no need to ask anything from the Universe. There is no need to curse the Creation because “we deserve”. Everything is already given – we only need to step out of our mind and see it, feel it and sustain that feeling until it creates a Bubble of Manifestation around us. As we walk through our life,  that bubble keeps creating the world around us; exactly as we feel it. Within that bubble, everything is possible. There are no laws of physics to obey, no rules to follow – imagine it, feel it is there already, keep that feeling for a little while – and there it will be.

Everything you need to create the world of your dreams has been given to you at the moment of your Birth. It resonates deep within you, a Knowledge of the Universe waiting to burst out and make you belong again.

First, you need to reach in there, to the depths of you hidden under the could of your own mind trying to convince you there is nothing more in there. Ignore it and dive deep, through all the doubts, emotions, fears you’ve been cultivating for lifetimes. Keep diving and let go of everything you feel you should do or know. Just let go. Deeper. You will know you are where you are meant to be when you reach it and, once you do, you will forever remember the path back. Use that path as many times as you can, keep coming back until it becomes more natural than thinking, because it really is. In there, all your secret powers await. In there is the only knowledge actually useful to you.

You need nothing less and nothing more to create the world you dream of. Simply find it within yourself, know it is already there, existing exactly as you fell it to be. Don’t ask, as that creates presumption there is a person asking and someone you’re asking it from. It creates a need to “deserve” something, to offer something in return. To offer to whom? And by whom?

Abandon all that. Abandon the notion of Separation. Just be. No need to ask – it is already given.



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