– This is it, my friend…“ a soft, sweet voice said in my head. “ This is the moment of your death.

– It can’t be…“ I replied with a smile – I’m not afraid.

And, even then, as I was saying that, I knew the voice was right. This was the moment of my death. That was the very second. The end. The spot where a Life ends and Unknown begins. This was the moment I heard so much about. The moment everyone fears of. The moment we all try to ignore until it to late. The moment we avoid to think about.

So funny, I thought, that we are afraid of the moment that actually defines us; shows us for what we really are; strips us of our ego and offers us to the Divine.

– Everything’s ok…“ the voice whispered. “ Just let go.

I did. There was no fear. At that last moment I learned more about Life than in thousands of lifetimes before. In that short second, during that last breath; within that last heartbeat I felt so much love. I never dreamed that there is so much love in this world. I never knew. Oh, God. I never knew life can be so beautiful! I never knew we can feel so much!

There was more life in that final thought than in all the years before! I never really lived! I never really felt anything! Until now, and I have to go.





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