Feeling big somehow turned out to be the goal for people these days. Be as big as you can; get all you manage to and conquer as much as possible. Be better than the rest.
And it got us nowhere.

Be small, feel small, but know you can do anything you want. Close your eyes and feel all the things that are happening this very moment, everywhere around you – animals, plants, nature, people, planets, stars and galaxies – all of them dancing the Unknown dance. And you are somehow caught in the middle of it all; small, but crucial part of it.

And when you worry, do the same – close your eyes and realize how big Life is. Think about everything that goes on right at that moment. How can you be sad then? How can your problem be big enough to trouble you in the midst of all that?
Be small and know you are irreplaceable – or be bigger than the rest and be insignificant, your choice.


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