There is a power unlike any other, waiting in plain sight, right there where inhalation ends and exhalation is about to begin; lurking in the space between two thoughts. We all have it, we are all made of it and it is readily available to everyone. It’s not even hiding because it is obvious and it wants to be discovered, but we keep looking in all the wrong places.

We have been taught to move and keep moving, no matter what; to constantly strive for something. We have been told that success is a fleeting, moving thing and we must move faster to grab it. We grow up believing that we need to catch our big moment, somewhere in the future. We want to live fast as if that somehow brings more moments and more experiences into our lives; as if it enriches us somehow. We want more of everything and we want it all the time. We want to cram as many events and experiences into every single moment of our lives, lest we forget something or leave something behind or simply just miss it. When we live fast, think fast, move fast, our minds tell us that we live more; our logic convinces us that we live more.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lives are wasted in that endless race to nowhere. Years swish by quickly and we don’t even have the time or the awareness to look back, until the very end. Death is like a wall that allows us to run no more.

As human beings, we share an ability that can change everything in a heartbeat; the ability to go beyond our minds, thoughts and concepts, and simply stop. Stop moving, stop thinking, stop planning… and with that, to take control of our breath, for the first time – to breathe consciously.

It starts with slowing down, understanding that cramming events into moments inevitably means losing those experiences forever, because there is no time to savour them, no awareness to appreciate them fully, if at all. Life is more than just marks on our belts or snapshots on our mobile phones. A single sunset that we are fully present at brings more joy and beauty than a hundred fleeting ones.

We taught ourselves to chase a million sunsets, or the next amazing one, rather than appreciating the one happening right now; being Here and sensing it deeply, on all levels.

When we stop, when we consciously take a long breath and become aware of the Now, of this moment right now, we expand it. The chase in a linear concept of Time becomes a vertical line that stretches Now into Infinity. All the past points converge into that moment, and all the future points radiate from it. The Now that we are aware of contains everything that ever happened as well as all our potential futures. It becomes a seed of Everything and a point of Acceptance. Whatever is happening around us at that moment, when we dive into the Now, it all slows down. We can clearly look into events surrounding us and events that might arise from our actions and reactions to those events. Our own thoughts and emotions become evident and obvious. We connect to a power greater than everything we ever thought possible. We, for that moment of awareness, as long as we can hold it, become the true creators of our destiny.

There are countless moments like this one right now throughout our lives. Every second there is one, passing by, followed by the next one, and another one, and another. And each one holds the Gift of Eternity within, ready for us to dive in and reconnect with it. For most of our lives, we expand moments like that only by chance. Something beautiful happens to us and we forget to think. An amazing mountain blanketed in sunrise reds reveals itself to us and we forget to draw the next breath, lost in its beauty… not judging it, not analysing it, not comparing it, not wanting more or less of it. We just appreciate it, and our own Being for witnessing it. And just like that, our mind is silenced and few second stretch into forever.

Until we learn to hold that moment or remember that we are that peace that overwhelms us when we dive beneath our thoughts, the moment will pass. But in that one moment and the memory of it that lingers for a while, we get a taste of the Truth that is beyond our ideas, concepts and illusion. We get a taste of our true nature.

So, wherever you are now, whatever it is you are doing, or feeling, or thinking; no matter your life circumstances or current situation; no matter how happy or sad or grateful or lost you feel… close your eyes for a second. Just stop everything, the world will wait for you, no need to worry. Take a deep, deep breath and feel how amazing it is to just be able to do that. Set all your thinking aside and just Be with that breath, swimming in that Peace behind your closed eyelids you ignored for too long. Allow yourself, just for a minute, to feel what lies there. Just let your body breathe, there is nothing for you to do really, just let it be, do not interfere with anything that already functions perfectly, just allow your body to work on its own. Your lungs are expanding on their own, your heart beats on its own, all you need to do is let go and allow. Then, just observe. There will be thoughts, there will be your senses. But, it all works without you, so no need to worry about it now. Just observe… there, among all that movement, functions of the mind and body; among all those thoughts that happen and cease to exist all on their own, there is that moment of peace and calm and, deep within that, there is You. Not wanting anything, not running from anything, not thinking or judging or comparing; not remembering or dreaming. Just being. Just witnessing.

That moment right there, that is the Now. Keep it, expand it as much as you can, be in it as often as you can. From there you regain your own life back. From there you start seeing the truth. From there, you are the Field of Infinite possibilities and you truly can become anything, discover anything, overcome anything. For every question ever asked, there is the right answer there. For every step of the unknown Path, there are stepping-stones there. For every dream and every kind, positive idea, there is the right thought, the perfect next step there. The more time you spend in that Field of infinite possibilities, the more infinite you realize you yourself are. Slowly, gradually, your fears drop off and calm, peaceful excitement replaces them. Worries become smiles and smiles become deep, rooted gratefulness that embraces your soul and nurtures it even more until it opens up fully and never loses sight of its true, infinite nature.

Re-visit Now as often as you can and whenever you become aware you are out of It, and keep doing it until it becomes you. Until you start smiling at the troubles you see ahead and you become genuinely grateful for every breath of air, for every moment of life you have been given… until you fully grasp the idea that Life is a gift, a shell we grow within through experiences and pain and love and sadness and empathy and expectations and happiness lost and rediscovered, only to burst it open one day and become the Ocean again. Until that day comes, remind yourself by reclaiming Now as often as you can. Find peace and solace placed there to remind us we are loved and guided, every step of the way.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the Universe holding your hand.



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