The Moon was high above my head, full and as bright as it can be. I was standing in the middle of the meadow, grass reaching all the way up to my knees. Slow mist started rising in the distance, but other than that, at that moment the world stood still.

My heartbeats thumped in a constant, steady beat, soft but louder than anything else around me. It was 3am, and I realized again the forgotten truth – Life Life is different at 3am.

Life is clearer and somehow simpler when the world sleeps, and we so rarely experience it. It’s not about the lack of sounds or stillness in the air; the moonlight or even nature. It’s not about the clear sky or the mist in the distance. There is calmness in every stone, every leaf and every branch, creeping into you in gentle, sooting waves.

You can feel it wherever you are. Leaving the party or heading home from work, it doesn’t matter. The stillness is right there, in every pore of the world, seeping through and renewing everything in expectation of a new day. If you find yourself out there, just stop for a minute; stop and listen to the world as it’s breathing in and breathe yourself. Close your eyes and listen. Go through the clutter and murmur in your head and just reconnect.

It’s so much easier at 3am.


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