It is strange for a dreamer to have that thought, but even dreamer’s feet have to touch the earth sometimes. Love is not enough.
It might be a central pillar of a relationship, it might be strong and withstand storms and tribulations, but it is not capable of sustaining the partnership of two souls on its own. Love is a wonderful thing, and something to aspire to. If feed by wonder and faith, it can do almost anything, but coupled with doubt and insecurities, it quickly turns to rust and eats the relationship from the inside out.

It is a wonderful, fragile thing, love.
It paints the way you see people and the world around you, it gives life a glow that only those who were touched by it at least once understand. It makes all obstacles insignificant and irrelevant and it elevates every single breath to a point of bliss.

But, touch it with a doubt, or wrap it in insecurities and fear, and it dissolves into something unrecognisable, something twisted and hurtful. It is still love, and its essence is still there but, like a starved animal, it starts fighting for its food by any means necessary. It starts demanding things that should flow freely, and it completely reduces their value in the process. Compliments, sweet words, smiles, touches, kisses and that shine in the eyes when you look at her, it all looses its essence if you let your love starve for a while.

Love is so easy, it is such a natural feeling, deeply rooted in every human being, but it is so difficult to sustain it in invisibly acid environment of expectations and strong attitudes and opinions. It doesn’t feel right trapped between the need to be loved and the desire to love. It dries up caught under the heavy veil of fake loneliness. It dies if it’s not expressed and lived every day.

And in the end, when everything is over, when what we call relationship is finished, love stays. If we fight away the edge of bitterness that so desperately wants to “help” us deal with the situation; if we choose to be aware enough to realize it takes two to love and two to shatter that love, we are left with nothing but painful mixture of love and saddens.
It hurts without blaming anyone; it holds on to nice memories completely aware you can’t have them back; it magnifies the sudden void inside of you without the need to fill it up with anything negative, just to help you breathe. It resides there, between every breath you take, between remembrance and forgetfulness, between the pain of now and the hope of tomorrow.

It doesn’t aim to make your days easier and it doesn’t want to make them more difficult.

It just is.
It just wants to remind you of your true essence, regardless of what Life put in front of you and how you dealt with it. Love doesn’t end when relationship die. Love doesn’t just stop existing simply because we wish it to; because it is easier to move on if it isn’t there.

If we love enough to admit that sometimes love just isn’t enough, and it is no ones fault, then love becomes the constant; the bridge between two people who shared a part of their lives; the same force that brought them together, but transformed back into its essence. That connection, unless we choose to erase it with bitterness and/or hate, will always be there. People change, they move on, fall in love with someone new, but that connection, that love transformed, that bridge between the love-that-was and the-love-that-is never really dies.
I hope.


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