She closed her eyes as the music started, intertwining her own essence with the sweet unity of sound, tempo and passion. With the first step, she opened her eyes and looked me and changed my world forever. Her transformation was palpable, and I enjoyed every second of it. She moved with the music, but it felt as if the music was moving with her, sounds of flamenco twisting around her fingertips, following her every move in perfect harmony.

Her face reflected the change, smiling, teasing, enjoying. In an instant, I got the glimpse of the future, of the woman she will grow to be, of the power she hides underneath, of love she feels for me, of life we could share… of a man I need to become to be with that woman. My heart opened, more than I thought possible, embracing all that I felt, accepting gratefully every sweet moment. Suddenly I saw no other life for me, no other path, no other way to so much happiness.

She danced for me, and I fell into an abyss of love, with no desire to slow down the fall. My resistance shattered, all at once. Suddenly, breathing was easy, all the pressure lifted from me. The world shifted, ever so slightly, opening up to new experiences, new possibilities, new me; allowing the pieces of my life to finally align and form a firm path forward.

She smiled as the music ended as if she felt the same. As if she knew she changed my world with her passion, grace and innocence.
She came to me and kissed me. All my thoughts, fears and reservations dissolved and vanished – a
ll my senses, overwhelmed.


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