I may be on my knees, but I’m far from defeated. I may appear beaten and broken, but I’m only saving my strength and as always, looks are deceiving. I know what I am capable of and how far I can reach. I am aware of all the qualities and gifts you gave me, and I know they are not meant to go to waist. I know you are good and all this is nothing but a test, and it will not last forever. My faith burns stronger than ever, so don’t be mislead by my appearance. Don’t be fooled by my tears and whispers of despair. They are nothing but a momentary, fragile display of my humanity.

Do not haste with your celebrations, I am stronger than ever. All this will end and I will prevail. Cogwheels of time will move forward, and so will I.

So, keep pressing, do your worst, but know that I cannot be defeated. I may loose everything and I may fall apart and crumble. I may end up alone, hungry and naked in the cold, but the fire behind my eyes will keep me warm and alive. Through it all I will only emerge stronger, more defiant and that much wiser.

But it will come as no surprise to you; you made me this way.
You created my hunger for Life and added the strength to reach any peak it might take me to. You made my faith unbreakable and started the light that pushes me forward. You made me aware of you presence and taught me never to stop looking at the signs everywhere. You made my heart a sensitive mess but you gave me the skills to repair it. You gave me the mind that perceives injustice but is able to see beyond it.

So no, I will not give up. I will not crumble. I will not beg for mercy because I don’t need it. I will have faith as I always had, to lift me up and help me make a few more steps forward. I will rely on everything you gave me, knowing that I have everything I need to make it through.

I may be on my knees today, but I’m far from defeated.


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