You live your life, to the best of your abilities. Sometimes circumstances help you out; sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not so much. It is just the way of the life. Some days are better than others. Some days you wish never existed.

Mostly, you’re happy. You learn to enjoy challenges and you learn the value of patience when things go slower than you’d like them to. You have friends, family, people who care for you and make life sweeter. You have dreams, goals, projects and things you feel strongly about. You live, one step at the time, but always looking forward to the future.

Then there are days like this.

You wake up and get some bad news even before you were up from your bed. Then you look out the window only to see the ocean of grey. Sun will not warm your face today and you know that this is one of those days. You pick up some of that grey ocean outside and it stays there in your eyes as the day moves along. The rain doesn’t help, either.

You try to work, but everything you do is dark and gloomy. Music doesn’t feel right; food tastes weird. Minutes move slowly dragging from one to the next. Your thoughts spin slowly in circles. Everyone you call is either busy or out, so you try to get by. It can’t rain forever.

Outside, it gets darker and darker, and it feels like clouds are covering the entire planet. It feels like it will never stop.

And then you remember that you’ve been through days like this. You felt dark and slow and moody before. The sky was this grey and the ground this wet before. Days like this happened before, and they will probably happen again.

But, they pass. They get washed away by tomorrow and you forget about them the moment sunshine touches your face. In a day or two, you won’t remember any of this gloom. You’ll be outside walking, and this day will be nothing but a breeze of fresh air in the skies of your memories. It will become nothing more than just another one of those days.


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