The world is such a beautiful place.

I’m sitting in a small Cessna flying over breathtaking African planes; numb from all the beauty beneath and above me. Can we really be so blind not to notice this? Can we really be so careless and loose it all?

Why cant we just fit in; be a part of it without opposing it and adjusting everything to our never-ending needs and desires? We really might loose it all soon. It is already slipping through our fingers, and we keep on squeezing.

I don’t know how its going to end and right now, just for a moment, I don’t really care. Right now, here in my heart over Africa, everything seems perfect. Everything fits together in this beautiful, perfect harmony of species and elements.

Even us, arrogant, ignorant little humans seem to play the game and just for a moment, we try to fit in and blend in. Just for a moment, things are as they are meant to be!

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