We try so hard. We strive for so many things; want to be better and do more. We chase our dreams and we plant our visions; water them, nurture them more than anything else, because we believe they matter. We build our empires of money, success, fame and careless fatigue.

We have our families; kids grow up and leave in pursuit of their own illusions and truths. We grow old, proud of what we have achieved; vain about the things we collected.

It might take us time, but in the end we realize – in the end of everything, happiness comes in the smallest of forms: a kiss from a person you love, a hug from someone you thought you lost forever; a breeze of wind and a freedom finally returned; a small note of forgiveness; a touch of love first thing in the morning.

These are the things that happiness is made of. These are the bricks of the castles we were meant to build; the blueprints of the bridges we were born to cross.


So, tell me… what small things make you happy and cost a single penny???


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