Sometimes souls touch. We pass by, shifting through everydays of our lives, and we stumble upon someone special. It’s an instant thing, it happens within a heartbeat, and we need not be aware of it’s existence to fall under its spell.

Our very soul changes its spin, if for a fraction of a second, and we are no longer who were were a second ago. If we are lucky, we get to know that person better, maybe spend some time together, share that silent, gentle connection that bridges lifetimes and continents. If we are very lucky, that encounter will change our lives, set our path right. If we are less lucky, or less aware, it might provide us with a short glimpse into our own very nature, before we return to our everyday lives and eventually turn it all into a distant, silent memory, somewhere under the ocean of layers our past days inevitably become in time.

It is still incredible, that force, that recognition between two souls. It might just be the most powerful force in the Universe. It ignores the laws of physics, it bends time and penetrates through everything we think we are, connecting two souls instantly, if only for the briefest of times.

Sometimes it feels like meeting an old friend, sometimes it turns our lives upside down. It can last an hour, or a day, or stretch into months and years, and then be over in an instant. But it’s always a rich, beautiful experience, if we let go and enjoy it. It is a kiss from a lover lifetimes away; a gentle caress from a mother that lost you a thousand years ago. It is not meant to last, but it does have a lasting power.

Those encounters, those moments that you get to share with special souls that you are bound to – they are gentle nudges in the right direction; distant lighthouses helping you reach home. And if you let yourself experience those moments fully, if you let go and close your eyes and fell… it all makes a perfect sense.
It all fits in.


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