A very personal list. 15 years ago I started with the list of things that make me smile; things that make me wonder about Life and people –  sweet things in life.

It is something I write all the time and will never stop. The original is very long by now and this is a shorter version.Please continue the list with your own Sweet things in life. Share it with me. Just close your eyes for a minute and think about all the things that make you laugh; remember everything that made you happy, even for a minute,  and write it down.

Love, beauty, laughter, children, Sun and gentle, warm summer breeze; the sea; spring blooming and beautiful unbearably hot summers; snow-covered mountain tops; rainbow stretching above my favorite meadow; trees and flowers; pets and animals lost in their own games; lakes, rivers, springs, swamps and birds; books; chess, writing, long evening walks; music and movies.

Stars on a perfectly clear sky, and those that are hiding behind passing-by clouds; Moon, distant planets, comets and colorful, unknown galaxies. Life, somewhere far in the Universe. Unknown things and curiosity. Science and Religion. Sharing things and smiles. Helping others.

The beauty of foreign accents. The mistakes. Constant waves of challenges and rewards. The kindness and generosity of the Universe. Apparent cruelty of the Universe. Hot, sticky summer days and the storm that rages through them just as they become unbearable. The sudden gust of wind as it all starts. Lightnings and laughter. The happiness of my friends. New beginnings. People at the market. Sweet, summer fruit. Little everyday kindness. Big plans and adventures ahead. Feeling a little bit guilty for having a simple, lazy day.

A walk underneath a tree line of fully bloomed Japanese cherries with a girl you will love forever, even though you are not together anymore. Her laughter when I pretend to be a baby tiger; her playfulness and bare feet on the grass. Dancing with the branches of an old tree swaying on the wind. Beautiful view and nature untouched.

Sleeping on a blanket showered by warm rays of sunshine,  far outside the city. Dreaming of flying into the Space. Dreams. Countless mass of people on a beautiful concert outside. Sweet photo in a magazine written in a language completely unknown to me. A job well done. First kiss. Friends that care when I’m sick. A new recipe and a mother’s advice about it.

A butterfly dancing on the wind. Snowflakes when no one is expecting them. Falling in love again. Traveling. A hug when you need it the most. Strangely shaped clouds flying by. Reaching the summit of a high mountain peak again. Flying with the birds and the sound of the parachute opening up above your head. Stepping on a firm land after a long, long boat ride.

Green surface of the park covered with people greeting the first warm day in a year. A distant sound of a music you don’t recognize. A feeling of coming back home. A friendly smile of a beautiful girl passing by on the street. Strange, but pleasant smell in the air.

A perfect Christmas Eve,  and sound of the church bells in the distance. A smile on the face of a small baby looking at you. A kiss from your one-year-old nephew. Unexpected help and kindness. A day at a new place with new friends. That unmistakable feeling of knowing you’re doing the right thing.

Knowing you are moving in the right direction. Writing. Reading beautiful words written for you by beautiful, unknown people. Packing you bags again. Missing someone. Taking a well-deserved break. Working. Fighting for things you always wanted to do. Beautiful butterfly posing for you unexpectedly. Saying goodbye knowing you will do anything to come back again. A bus ride towards the seaside and the first sight of the sea. New friends opening up to you. Unexpected gifts.


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