I took a long walk yesterday. It was cold and it was raining, but I needed the fresh air and I knew that I?ll enjoy it all once I start walking. I greeted every single raindrop that touched my face, knowing that it could have been somewhere very distant and in a completely different form just a day earlier. It travelled all this way to land on my face and make me smile at this moment. How precious is that?
I laughed out to my own thoughts and then it occurred to me that most of the people would never have such a thought. Well, honestly… most people would thought I am crazy or foolish to think about such trivial things in such way ? it is only a raindrop after all, right?
And you know what? I don?t care.

Most people go through their lives unaware of anything but their own small little problems. Their jobs, families, cars, mortgages, dinners, guests, ex-wives and husbands, fights and misunderstandings ? it?s all important, I know, but it?s not everything. Most people reduce the world to smaller level and everything else disappears. It is easier to occupy our minds with those things we feel we can control or change or influence somehow. It is easier not to ask any big questions. It is easier to walk under the beautiful orange Moon not noticing it at all.
How many of us are looking up, anyway; stare at the stars, waiting for the first one to fall so they could smile and think of their loved ones as they make that one precious wish?
How many of us wonder about those great distances the light travels to reach here and now? How many people aware that looking at the sparkling night sky equals time-travelling you know?

In this busy, modern and advanced world of today, who cares about the raindrop and wonders where it has been yesterday? Who reads a magazine and knows how much work, technology, energy, people, innovations and creativity took to make it? Who watches TV and wonders about thousands of people involved in making it happen? Who cares about something more than just simple, unimportant ?me??

Just a small percentage of us… not nearly enough. That is the world we live in today. We run around searching for something that always stays in the future; busy, depressed, anxious about tomorrow and angry about yesterday and all it takes is one deep breath; one look up towards the stars; one big question.

So, crazy or foolish, it doesn?t really matter. I find joy and beauty everywhere and I want to ask the big questions all the time. My world is big and it just gets bigger every day and, for me, that?s not a scary thought. I?m not afraid to know and I never will be.
Thank you, rain.

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