Change. That is the very nature of everything. Things, events, people, lives… all meant to appear and dissolve. Just a form materializing out of the constant stream of otherwise invisible energy we are inseparable part of. Just like a wave on the surface of the ocean, it all materializes, lives in that form for a while and then dissolves back into its source.

It is only us humans that forget this. We cling to our thoughts, emotions, ideas, wishes, plans, ambitions. We hold them tight in our minds, adjust our lives only to conform those mind-creations, to give us more “control”, to get us closer to something, to make us better, or simply whole again.

Everything else in nature simply is, but we are everything but. We want more, always. More of what, really, we can’t tell.

Whatever it is, it is not real, and even if the Universe manifests it, it will only be for a short while. It will dissolve. Everything around us will disappear in time. But really, it is not even that – it doesn’t even exist, so it can’t really disappear. It is just a small, tiny fragment of ever-evolving, ever-changing energy that we see and mistake for our reality.

All our possessions, all our emotions, dreams, plans… nothing but bubbles on the wave as it constantly changes its shape on the journey towards the shore where it will disappear forever. All our lovers, friends and enemies; our family, children and inevitably our bodies also – all destined to dissolve.

We believe everything around us and inside us is real, so we get caught up in this game of trying to sustain it all, trying to somehow make it last longer. During that we completely lose sight of the big picture, and that would not be such a big deal if we at lest enjoyed the current moment. But no, we dislike the big idea because it doesn’t fit with our concepts and the desire to have control, and at the same time, we lose the current moment because we worry about what will come next.

Even if we are only small bubbles on the big, always-changing wave, we can still – no, we should still enjoy the form we take and have fun on the journey to the shore, enjoy it and be aware of how short-term and precious it is.

Everything you love and everything you hate. Everything that makes you happy, as well as every single thing that ever made you angry or sad. Everything you think you have or own. Everyone you adore and everyone you would give your life for. All your possessions, things and places you live to surround yourself with. Houses, cars, computers, cameras, statues and works of art – it will all dissolve, change into something else. And, probably long before that, you own body and mind will perish.

So, what are you holding on to, and what for?

Sure, you can have dreams, aspirations, wishes. But, know what they are, and know it is beyond your control whether it all comes true, or nothing at all. And, more than anything else, realize it is amazing that you are here and now. It is incredible that you can be aware. It is great to be alive, really alive, with awareness and joy that comes along. Do your best to feel it as often as you can, and smile. Smile at the face of the change, because it is our very nature. We are a little bubble, caught in the turmoil of ever-changing, but we can KNOW this, and this makes us special. This makes our life’s special.

Remind yourself, every day that you are more than your thoughts and more than your mind. Remind yourself of the deep, lingering truth you know exists somewhere within that space inside you that never changes, regardless of the form it occupies. You are endless, but have forgotten it. You are happy and amazing, but your thoughts (and your identification with those thoughts) covered that awareness with doubts and worries. Visit that space, touch the silence between two thoughts, find the truth in your breath, live a life to the fullest, don’t just fill it up with thoughts, experiences and expectations. Everything you need is already there, so stop craving for something more, stop running forward, chasing time.

Just stop, as often as you can, and enjoy the music within the silence your mind constantly tries to cover with thoughts. Remind yourself.



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