Here I am, on the top of the world. I know the maps and scientists would disagree, but I don?t care. Right now, I am on the top of the world, surrounded by snow and sunshine; caressed by the slow wind.

I can hear my heartbeats. My lungs are working hard, trying to get more oxygen from this thin air; my head hurts a bit from all the effort, but my eyes are opened wide, soaking in every photon; remembering every colour; writing it down for the years to come. I have my camera here, but I?m not interested in taking photos right now. It is much more important to remember this strongly. It is of utmost importance for me to remember this; the kiss of wind on my skin, the warmth of the sun, the lightness of the air and the bliss inside.

Photos are great, but they are merely a shadow of this feeling and I want to soak it in now, as deep as I can. I want to make it last for a lifetime, to remind me that this is the real world, not that empty race that never stops down there, in the cities and among the ever-hungry people, most of which never felt this comfort of knowing where we all belong to. This is me, as real as I?ll ever be! This is breathing Life in!

I will go back soon enough. For now, just let me be. For now, this moment is my Eternity so let me store it into every cell of my body, to feed me once I?m not here physically? just let me soak it in until it?s just as real when I close my eyes.
Everyone should do this, I?m thinking as I descend. Everyone should have a holly place and visit it from time to time. Everyone should have a reminder.

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