We walk through the world dragging so much weight. Like anchored ships that only move am much as their chains let them, we drift through our lives with heavy chains of guilt, hate, memories and past. It does us no good, and yet we can’t let go. The thoughts we have constantly revolve around something that has happened and its long gone, and we willingly re-live those moments over and over again, shifting our view of the world, our own moral compass and even our future actions based on those memories.
Only memories worth keeping are the happy ones, and even those we should treat with caution as they may unwillingly point to the unhappy ones, because we always tend to compare.

We have no way of knowing what the next moment brings, and what changes tomorrow will bring, so how can we say if this very moment now is good or bad. Have we not suffered before, and always came back to the top, stronger and better than before? Have we not experienced all the “negative” emotions and situations and emerged bigger out of them? So why would right now be any different?

Why is it so hard to see NOW as a step forward?
Can we not skip the suffering part and just accept that things happen for a reason and that, in the end, everything works out somehow? Can we not make sure we do our 100%, but at the same time be aware that Life is out of our hands? We are on the ship and we can move from one deck to another, but we have no control over where the ship is heading.

And it’s a wonderful, peaceful thought, if you ask me.
To know that someone better is in charge and all you have to do is help him bring you wherever it is that you are supposed to be. Or at least to stop fighting him. Through all the turbulence, storms and waves, to trust that there is a force out there (and inside us) that always knows what it’s doing, no matter how chaotic our personal experience of it might be. For me, it is a thought that brings smile to my face, even through the most painful experiences.
And it makes things easier. because I know Life is painful only when you’re fighting and resisting its higher purpose. When you open your arms wide, and your heart even more, Life flows in and awakens you; reminds you of who you really are – not a small, frightened, materialistic being, but something greater, bigger than you can even imagine. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, feel your tensions drop. You are, and always were and will be, protected and guided forward.

The path there just feels different than what you expected, that’s all.
Relax, and step forward on your own accord, you’re safe.



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