We go through our lives, seeking our own truths; finding our own happiness, or at least fighting for it, one way or another. Through it all, we meet people, we have relationships; we bond and get closer to some, and break up with others. Some people just go through a certain part of our lives and then disappear. Some leave a huge impact to our future, some none at all. There are people that we don’t even notice, although somehow they were a great part of our lives. The web of Life does its own thing, and we can’t really understand it anyway.

But sometimes special people cross our path. You can meet by chance in one country, and somehow you know you will meet again somehow. It’s a strange, beautiful thing when that happens, but somehow something in you awakens at that moment. It might have been sleeping dormant for lifetimes and you might have never felt it before at all, but it was there, waiting. Now, you don’t know how you will meet that person again, or in what “role”. You have no idea what will become of it, if anything at all, but you are sure this is not just a one-off meeting. Your eyes meet and somehow recognise something much older and deeper than either of you. There are ties in our lives that we will never be able to understand, but we feel them, and that’s enough.

Life takes you in different directions, makes you different; time passes by. The memory of that person might slowly fade away, moments you think about her grow further apart but, somehow the day comes, and you two meet again. You are older, different, hurt by life or happy because that is what you have learned; but the connection with that person is still there, and it reactivates in an instant.

Maybe you have felt something like this, maybe not. Hopefully, you will one day, because it is a special feeling, that we are somehow bigger than our lives, and that our subconscious memory can transcend that bridge to the unknown we ourselves ignore all too much.

Those are the people that wake you up. They might be of the same gender; they might be attractive to us, they might feel something for us – it doesn’t really matter what form your relationship will take. It might not even feel perfect or happen at the perfect time for you, but it is perfect in its own way. It is what it’s meant to be – a bridge across forever; connection stronger than Time, but softer and more subtle than anything else in this Universe. Whatever form it takes on the surface, it is always more meaningful than that. It doesn’t end with “goodbye” and it doesn’t fade with distance. Once the connection has been made your lives are intertwined forever. The roots of recognition and mutual care will keep you connected, no matter what live throws at you. You will always care for that person, and that person will always care for you. More than just care, actually – you will feel that person, directly and with no interference by your heart or your mind. You will find yourself so rooted to this person’s wellbeing that even the possibility that something bad might happen to her or him will drive you mad. Their pain will be your pain. The way they live their lives will directly reflect on yours. Choices they make will influence yours.

And it is not a bad thing. It is not something you’ll want to run away from, it is not an extra layer of responsibility in your life. It is just love transcended. It is what happens when we allow ourselves to connect to someone in a way that can’t be shattered by any outside events. And no matter what, it must be protected and appreciated. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it happens for a reason. Sometimes we destroy it, sometimes we run away from it, but the bond should be nurtured and allowed to grow stronger, even when Life itself stands in between.


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