We see it everywhere, but mostly ignore it, or chose not to make a big deal out of it. After all, they are only small fragments of something we all want, but most believe is unattainable – happiness. Real, loud, unconstrained happiness; it must be something complicated, right? It must be a goal so far away, so difficult to reach that all this hardship, all the work and suffering of our daily lives is worth it.

For most of us, that is exactly how it goes. We work, we try, we keep pushing, and one day, we might reach the goal and be truly happy.  To justify all the chaos and complicated ways we come up with in the process of achieving happiness, we turn happiness into something big, something that depends on so many different conditions; something distant in the future.

But, the truth couldn’t be more different. Happiness is everywhere, it is like the air we breath, so obvious we take it for granted.

Sunrise peeking through the curtains. Feeling warm in the bed, when it’s very cold outside. Silence that envelops quiet mornings. A brave, curious sparrow hopping on the window ledge of your office. Coming home after a long, hard day at work. A breathe of fresh air. A smile of a child in an elevator. Witnessing a random act of kindness. A warm touch of a beloved one. A moment of love, unspoken. A sip of warm, soothing tea, when you need it the most. Smile from a friend and kind, supportive words when you least expect it. A ray of sunlight after days of grey and rain. A feeling of gratefulness for whatever little you posses. Realizing you are among lucky ones in this world.

These are not small fragments, individual and separated from the ocean of happiness we are craving for. These are cracks in the cloud of illusions we created and exist in; moments when we can actually recognize the true nature of the world around us, even if only for a brief moment in time. They are not sporadic moments of happiness, but peep-holes through the veil of sorrow we invented and mistake for reality… not breadcrumbs of happiness in an unhappy world, but traces of reality to help us understand the truth.


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