I walked towards my new home, burdened by thoughts about work, money, projects, plans and desires. I was caught up in the whirlpool of worries, unaware of the moment, or myself in it. The birds were signing, trees were gently swinging on the light spring breeze; flowers cast their colours to everyone interested enough to enjoy them, even butterflies did their part in everyday perfection. As I stepped between two trees, sunlight hit me, its warmth immediately  pulling me back to the present moment, out of my head. I smiled, grateful for yet another reminder. I became aware of the sunshine, of the beauty surrounding me, of my summer clothes and how light it felt. And then, from the depths of my own being, another reminder came.

We are free.

There is nothing wrong with our lives. There is nothing so big that we need to do. No big decisions, no heavy responsibilities, no burdens to carry. We are infinitely free. No one can tell us what to do, there are no rules we must follow – no boundaries, no limitations. We are chained only by our mind. It is only our own thoughts that keep us from living the Truth.

We are free, at any moment, right now.

We needn’t worry so much, trying to live our life’s with someone else telling us how, why or why not. There are no wrong decisions, there are no debts to repay. There is nothing keeping us from running free, with wind of Truth in our hair and a big smile on our faces. Like a giant elephant convinced he is chained to the ground, we stand still, thinking so much. What should I do? I don’t want to hurt this person. I don’t want someone to think bad of me. I feel responsibility towards this person. It is the right thing to do, even if I suffer for it.

No. These thoughts are nothing but chains, invisible but powerful ties keeping us stuck. Our life’s are ours to live. We are here to make decisions for ourselves, not to live out days we have been given by someone else’s rules or ideas. No one can tell us what is right or wrong for us, and no one can make us miserable but our own minds. The heart knows. The peace underneath the silence underneath the closed eyes knows. We are free from all that there is. Free to be happy. Free to blossom and grow and laugh at the simple fabric of Truth. Free to follow our hearts and desires, not thinking about what others will say or think or do. It is the only reason we have those desires – to enjoy them and the paths that lead to them. Who can take that away from us? No one but us.

So, remind yourself, again and again. Repeat loudly: I am free! I deserve to be happy and ANY decision that takes me away from that is simply a waste of precious time. Feel that, say it as many times as you need, until it sinks in. Happiness is not complicated. It’s not something that will happen to us in the future, when other things improve or line up, or when we have given enough of ourselves to others and their needs. Happiness is here, waiting for us to stop for a second and allow it to be. Waiting for us to realize that to be happy is NOT to be selfish, but quite the opposite, it is the only way we can be who we really are and give ourselves back to the world.

We are not here to feel guilt. We are not here to do things that people around us tell us are right and proper.  I’m not saying they are not right or proper, but if we need to find that out by ourselves, then that is the only right way.
We are not here to always only look out for others and adjust our lives constantly to prevent “hurting” someone.. That someone is on a journey, too. We are dancing together to learn the right steps and in the process we will step on some toes, it’s how it goes. I’m not saying it’s OK to just hurt others, no. If we do it on purpose, because it is the easy way or simply because we don’t care, then that’s not right. But to hurt ourselves only because we think we are protecting someone else – it’s madness. We deserve equal amount of happiness as anyone else, it’s as simple as that. If someone else’s happiness comes at the expense of our own, how can it be right? It can’t and it isn’t.

Break out of the imaginary chains. Cut the cords keeping you where you don’t really want to be. Listen to your heart – no matter how crazy what it is saying sounds, it is the path to real you, happy you, expanded, limitless, boundless you. The only real you.



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