?That?s what I like about you and your brother? – she said with a sad face – ?You always dream and you always have plans, not like me.?
I thought she was mocking me at first, but then I realized she was deadly serious. She really has no dreams and no plans; nothing to push her forward ? an idea completely unknown to me. Even in my earliest memories I remember I knew ?exactly what I wanted to be? and how I wanted to get there. I always dreamed.

Dreams changed sometimes, of course? I no longer want to excavate old tombs or dream of winning a Nobel Prize for Chemistry – those dreams are gone, transformed into something new, but they served their purpose ? they got me to move forward to the point where new dreams and new ideas were waiting for me.
In a way it?s like a ski-slalom. Dreams are the gates and we move from one to another on the way to the finish. Otherwise a journey might be unbearable.

I cannot imagine a life without dreams.

Dreams are the perfect fuel; an inspiration to fly and fight when everything stands against you and pushes you down. Dreams are what keeps you alive and makes you take your stand when you believe in something. Dreams are the light at the end of a long, long tunnel. They are what sets you apart and moulds you into a person you will be one day.
And dreams make you free, as long as you keep in mind that they might not always come true. Otherwise they become something completely different and start pulling you down. I?m not telling we should not believe in our dreams, quite the opposite. But if we tie everything in our lives only to our dreams, bad things happen. If we attach our emotions solely to our dreams, we are not free. We are happy if everything goes well, unhappy when it doesn?t. That?s not freedom. We fight when we feel we are winning and just give up when we feel we are not. That?s not what being free is about.

We need to believe in our dreams, because that is what feeds them and makes miracles happen. But also, we must know that they will not come true all by themselves. We are the ones that will make it happen, they are just guiding us forward. A perfect symbiosis of faith and hard work -dreams are feeding on our faith in them when everything goes well and we are feeding of our dreams when things get stuck. And, as with anything else in life, too much is bad. Too much dreaming will do nothing and too much hard work will destroy the dream and suck all the fun out of life.

Dreams are here to push us, to direct our potential and focus our effort, that?s all. They are only a tool to help us get somewhere, not the end of your journey. And we have a tendency to forget all about what we have learned on our way. It is ALL about the journey, not the final destination!
We are the beams of light, pushing through the darkness and dreams are that mysterious pieces of glass that colors us and keeps us from dispersion.

That said, dreams are also beautiful and I wouldn?t want a life without them.
I adore the feeling of the beautiful, sunny day, when dreams are so palpable that you can?t help but smile when thoughts of how it will all be start playing in your head. Those moments are exactly what dreams are all about. That huge wave of optimism and that all-knowing smile on your face ? that is what it?s all about.
And that is how I feel today and what I wish for you all to feel most of the days in your lives!
Don?t forget to dream and don?t abandon your dreams. Nurture them because they will nurture you when you?ll need it the most! They are your best ally and support.
And they make life fun!

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