I was walking this evening, as I always do, observing the birds, feeling the wind on my cheeks, aware and expecting the rain to finally cool the hot summer days and bring me some much needed sleep. I was lost in the music in my ears that flew perfectly with the rhythm of my steps, pushing me even deeper in my head. And then the thought came, of something crazy I did long time ago.
It was as if that was some other me and some other lifetime. When was the last time I did something crazy?

I was flooded by memories, pushed faster by past ideas and reasoning long left behind. A stale, inert layer of me was stripped away by the force of old ideas reborn. How could have I forgot this? How could have I left something so important behind?

We need to be crazy a bit, to keep our sanity. We need to let ourselves go from time to time and just be fools for a moment. We need the childish part of us to wake up and remind us that life is much more than what we are living at the moment.

So, wake up! Be crazy,  walk in the rain, with your swimming goggles on; through the center of your city. Climb the trees in the park and build castles in the sand with the kids. Bark at dogs and let your tongue hang out. Speak in a language no one around you understands or, even better, make up your own. Drop some ice-cream on your t-shirt and pretend you don’t notice people looking at it. Smile randomly to everyone in the street.

Be crazy.
And then come back and try to stop smiling

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