There is no need to fear tyrants anymore. This is a new world, defined by our Light, and shadows only exist because something is blocking the light temporarily. Even the most powerful people, even the biggest egos and their ignorance cannot change the path we are firmly set on. Every negative action will cause an equally strong positive reaction. That is what we are here for.

We might be slow to react sometimes because we are sensitive souls, governed by compassion and understanding. It is difficult for us to accept that such ignorance can still exist, that such “rulers” can still get the voice and the power to further expand their egos, seemingly destroying the fabric of openness and acceptance we are building for centuries.

But we need them somehow.

We need them to be who they are so that everyone can see that ignorance and fear will only create more of the same. These times and these people have their place in the history of the world – it’s just not exactly what they think it would be. The future will remember them only as the last attempts of the Ego to slow down the Change. They may create some temporary turmoil and their waves might rock the world briefly, but we will step in.

Light should NEVER fear dark. Dark only exists when we doubt our powers. But when we are pushed, we react. When innocent are being targeted and harmed or judged simply because of their race, sex, religion or sexual orientation, we react. When our kindness and openness are in jeopardy, we react. When all the progress and all the values we’ve helped our nations build are undermined, we react.

We are warriors of Light. We don’t need guns, we don’t need violence, we only need to make our presence very clear. We need to be louder than ever, with more love than ever. The ignorant ones are afraid of our open hearts, so they try to look big and scary; they try to intimidate us with their rough rhetoric and finger-pointing and their “alternative facts”. But the truth is simple – we “the people” are the ones in charge, in every country, all over the planet.

And we are watching. Your actions will only go as far as we allow it; fear and blindness to all our inherited values will only spread as far as we let it. And we shall no longer bow our heads down, humbly and quietly waiting for the things to change. We are the change, and we’re becoming more and more aware of it. We are turning into an unstoppable force, a wave of solidarity and kindness that will become one of the pillars of the future we’re creating right now.

So, keep pushing and you will see our full numbers. Keep ignoring what you know is right, and we will keep setting you straight. Keep making ego-based decisions that affect the entire planet, and we will show you how small you really are. Every action you perform that is not in the alignment with higher values; every sentence you utter that discriminates and humiliates any sentient being; every small-minded, short-sighted decision you make – we will counter it, we will disobey it, we will do the exact opposite – because it is the right thing to do, and we are tired of leaders WE give power to, only to see them corrupt it and use it for their own benefit. No more.

And to you, the soldiers of Light – wake up, shake up! Stop covering your eyes and ears, stop doubting yourselves and the power within you, stop waiting for the Universe to change things – the Universe is waiting for you!
Let it flow… touch your neighbours, wake up your friends, protect those who are harmed and affected by this current of hatred and ignorance and selfishness. Help undo each and every act of ignorance by ten acts of love. Be what we are all meant to be – kind, compassionate and caring, but not passive and judgemental. Let’s not confuse our sensitivity with weakness anymore. Walk out and show them our peaceful, unrelenting presence.

We are the bloodline of this planet and its countries, not the privileged, ungrateful, greedy few. We are the key to the Change that is inevitable, profound, meaningful and needed now more than ever. Let’s build our walls… of people, hand in hand, heart to heart – the kind of walls that dissolve all divides and differences and reveal our true essence l love.


If you know anyone that is directly or indirectly affected by what is going on in the USA now, share this, let them know they are not alone and that these troubles will pass quickly. Or at least, share positivity, share hope, share the Light…

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