I woke up with thoughts swirling through my head. Just thoughts, random groups of thought about people I know, people I knew an people I will get to know. Things I have shared and those that await for me, somewhere in the distance.

We don’t realize it really, but we meet so many beautiful people through our lives.

Some come into our lives for a short moment only, some stay forever; some are random strangers we bump into, to others we give our hearts and soul. Some just come and take it and leave forever, others stay away and keep their distance, no matter how hard you try to build bridges that should bring you closer.

Some want to give you their heart, and you can’t accept it. Not because you don’t love them, but because you love them more than they think, and you know their heart deserves someone better. It is a deep, gut feeling, and you know your love is hurting them, because you have been hurt in the same way.

Some people come into your life simply to take something away, repay the debt from lifetimes ago, and then they vanish, never to be seen again. Others come to give you unexpected gifts; a lovely hello and a smile on the day when everything else went bad; a warm handshake of a new friendship when you most needed it; an unexpected loan when everyone else refused.

How many people we meet during our lifetime? How many souls we touch? How many friendships we ruin, and how many hearts we break, knowingly and on purpose, or those we were never even aware of?

Just thoughts swirling.




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