It feels like no one dreams anymore. People have plans; they settle down, they have their wishes, but what happened to big dreams? What happened to generations that would change the world for better?

How many of you wake up in the morning and say to themselves: I will change the world!
Even if we have those thoughts early in our lives, eventually they disappear; blend in with what everyone else wants – a better car, bigger house, and more useless cash on the bank accounts.

Why do we let the world conquer us so easily? Why do we want to blend in, anyway?

There is nothing as inspiring as dreamers. Nothing has such power to move us as those individuals that never gave up. So, please dream. Don’t give up and don’t blend in. Stay strong. Be that positive light forward that the world needs so much. Be the first one to say: “Yes! It can be done!” and the very last one that will shatter someone else’s dreams by saying no, because you value them as much as your own.

Dream big, bigger than anyone else. Aim for the stars, and know it’s the only way to reach the Moon. If anyone tells you no; if anyone tells you it cannot be done, just smile back and carry on. It is their loss if they shed their dreams away, just to fit in better. Disappointed people just want everyone to be like them. You go your way, knowing that people like you move the world forward.

Be “unrealistic”, set your goals high, and work on getting there; I promise you, you will never look back again.
Dream, if only to show others how it’s done. Dream to inspire and inspire to dream. Do it for yourself as much for everyone else. It might be difficult sometimes, but someone needs to push them, someone needs to hurt a bit to save the world.

And if dreaming and believing is the way to do it, I volunteer first!


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